The Sublime Sadism in ‘Breaking the Waves’

Bess talks to God

Her role as sexual martyr is better suitable for Bess than the role that is expected of her: the patriarchal role of the woman. The religious community in which Bess is brought up is stifling and oppressive, in which male domination prevails in both the personal and public life of the community (the household and the entire commune is dominated by the elderly male church leaders).

You May Meet Alex and Hedy As You Progress Through Life


Though we might sympathize, mostly we reflect on them, after escaping them, with awe and terror. They are not good. They are not our lovers nor our friends; they do not have our best interests at heart.

‘Cinderella’ Or Why Do Mostly Straight, Mostly White Guys Make All The Big Studio Movies?


Nothing is glaringly wrong with this ‘Cinderella,’ but if our sole criteria for these middling, dull, straight-guy directors and writers is that they didn’t fuck up too much, we’re in trouble. This affirmative action for mostly mediocre, mostly white guys could also help explain the selection of this year’s Oscar nominees–and why the ratings for the ceremony, along with audience attendance at theaters, is rapidly shrinking.

‘Gotham’s Fish Mooney


What I believe she means to say by talking about “color” and “shadow” and being “politically correct,” is that with Fish Mooney, she can be a powerful Black woman without worrying about coming across as too threatening to a White patriarchal society.

‘Inequality for All': The Real American Horror Story


The film’s primary aim is to raise awareness. “Of all developed nations today, the United States has the most unequal distribution of income and wealth–by far–and we’re surging towards an even greater inequality,” warns Reich. The figures are astonishing: 400 Americans are richer than half the population of the United States. Reich is not a socialist. He does not want to jettison American capitalism but reform it.

Why ‘The 100′ Is a BFD


Bisexual protagonists, scenes that pass the Bechdel Test, women making choices that drive the action of the story – I’m still the only person who watches ‘The 100,’ but, boy, do I enjoy it when I do.

Vintage Viewing: Alice Guy, Gender-Bending Pioneer

Alice Guy: she's the man

‘Bitch Flicks’ presents Vintage Viewing – a monthly feature for viewing and discussing the films of cinema’s female pioneers. Where better to start than history’s first film director, Alice Guy?

‘House of Cards’ Season 3: There’s Only One Seat in the Oval Office

Walking side by side in this season 3 promo still.

“I’ve been in the passenger seat for decades. It’s time for me to get behind the wheel.”

Call for Writers: Asian Womanhood in Pop Culture


Asian women are often fetishized, objectified, eroticized, and/or infantilized in pop culture. “China doll” stereotypes that represent Asian women as compliant, doll-like sexual objects are still prevalent. Western attitudes are influenced by a history of exploitation and colonization of Eastern culture. This deep desire to possess seems to manifest in an eroticization of all things Asian, especially Asian Women.

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks


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Never Judge a Trailer–‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’

Kingsman: The Secret Service Directed by Matthew Vaughn. Written by Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman.

Thank goodness for well-placed billboards in Hollywood. I was driving through West Hollywood and saw a spectacular billboard of the Algerian-born actress Sofia Boutella, who plays Jackson’s villainous side-kick, Gazelle. She was leaping in the air, her two bladed prosthetic legs in mid-splits. Now I was curious. A fellow cinefile suggested we go check it out. “But the trailer was so boring,” I whined. “The young hero looks like a snarky dudebro brat with a cockney accent.” I thought about that Sofia Boutella billboard again. She looked so… badass.

Unlikable Women: The Roundup

The weather presenter

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