Movie Review: Iron Man

I watched Iron Man over the weekend, after hearing it contains some interesting commentary on the military-industrial complex. Not only is this not true, but the movie is also boring.

This offers a fair assessment:

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  • I totally agree about the misogyny but didn’t find the movie boring at all. The Gwyneth Paltrow character is disgusting. Why would someone of her … stature as an actress willingly take a role that depicts women this way? She’s a completely one-dimensional glorified maid, and she’s horrible to other women (for no real reason other than they enjoy sex with Stark?) … Yeah, rage.

  • I think I was bored because the beginning was such a turn off, and I couldn’t understand why the “terrorists” knew they had all necessary components for building the missile, but couldn’t build it–not to mention the fact that they allowed him to build the suit instead. As for Paltrow, I kept waiting for her to break out of her shell, comic book style, but, obviously, wasn’t happy that she never did.