Today’s Must-Reads

We’ve been pretty quiet recently here at Bitch Flicks, as life sometimes gets in the way of blogging. However, we think you really need to check out the always fabulous Melissa Silverstein today over at Women and Hollywood about how awful 2009 was for women in the business. Here’s a (depressing) snippet:

Women writers make up only 8%. That means that 92% of the films are written from a male perspective.

And here’s another article, about this year’s Best Picture Oscar nominations and their utter failure of the Bechdel Test, from True/Slant. A preview:

But as much social harm as excluding half the population from being fully realized fictional characters does, I’d say it does even greater damage to movies as an art form. Think about it. Any screenwriter/director/producer that can’t think of anything more for a woman to do than be a girlfriend, wife, mother, or kidnapped daughter is probably going to lack imagination in other areas as well.