Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks

Stephanie‘s Picks:

“Ashley Judd, Kate Winslet and Jennifer Lawrence vs. Our Toxic Misogynist Culture” by Sophia Savage for Thompson on Hollywood

“The Hunger Games, Hollywood and Fighting Fuck Toys” by Caroline Heldman for Ms. Magazine

“Talking to Lena Dunham About Being A ‘Girl'” by Kase Wickman for The Awl

“Film Corner” (On The Lucky One) by Melissa McEwan for Shakesville

“The Hunger Games’ Feral Feminism” by Katha Pollitt for The Nation

“The Five Most Pathetic Female Film Characters of All Time” by Lindy West for The Guardian

Amber‘s Picks:

Betty Draper Francis Needs Your … Ice Cream? A Few Notes on the Evil TV Ex-Wife by Sady Doyle for Tiger Beatdown

What to Make of Barbie’s Presidential Run by E. Cain for Gender Focus

“Pull up your skirt to prove you’re a real woman” by Elin Weiss and Hennie Weiss for The F Word

The Hunger Games Movie vs. The Book from Feminist Frequency

Future of Feminism: The Complete Works from Fourth Wave

We need to talk about women filmmakers: or, two cheers for the BFI’s Made in Britain season by Sophie Mayer for The F Word

Megan‘s Picks:

Why You Should Get Excited About Next Big-Screen Heroine — Sabrina The Teenage Witch by Alyssa Rosenberg for Think Progress

Interview with Vamps Director Amy Heckerling by Melissa Silverstein for Women and Hollywood

Tavi Gevinson: “Feminism is not a rulebook but a discussion” by Lori Adelman for Feministing

Lena Dunham Interview, Part One: What Girls Is Made Of by Jamie Poniewozik for Time

Lena Dunham Interview, Part Two: The Personal Factor by Jamie Poniewozik for Time

Are Evil Stepmothers the New Anti-Hero? by Erik Kain for Forbes