The Ten Most-Read Posts from May 2013

Did you miss these popular posts on Bitch Flicks? If so, here’s your chance to catch up.

“Is Pepper Potts No Longer the ‘Damsel in Distress’ in Iron Man 3?” by Megan Kearns

“Does Uhura’s Empowerment Negate Sexism in Star Trek Into Darkness?” by Megan Kearns

Star Trek Into Darkness: Where Are the Women?” by Amanda Rodriguez

Stoker and the Feminist Female Serial Killer” by Amanda Rodriguez

“The Occasional Purposeful Nudity on Game of Thrones by Lady T

“Let’s Re-Brand ‘Disney Princesses’ as ‘Disney Heroines'” by Robin Hitchcock

Girl Rising: What Can We Do to Help Girls? Ask Liam Neeson.” by Colleen Lutz Clemens

“Oblivious Hollywood and Its New Movie Oblivion by Rachel Redfern

“Choose Your Own Sexist Adventure: Victim Blaming, Domestic Violence, and the Glorification of the Nice Guy™in Mud by Stephanie Rogers

Sex and the City 2: Hardcore Orientalism in the Desert of Abu Dhabi” by Emily Contois