A Black Feminist Woman’s Life in Comedy Web Series ‘Sit Black & Relax’

Sit Back and Relax webseries

This is a guest post by JustLatasha.

Comedy vlogger JustLatasha writes, directs, and produces the comedy web series Sit Black & Relax. The series premiered Monday, March 14th (and every 1st Monday of each month) on JustLatasha.com. This series expands the often narrow variety of roles for Black Women in film, and allows them to be what we rarely see — normal.

Sit Black & Relax has a five episode premiere for its first season and stars Shakirah DeMesier of the extremely popular play, Plantanos y Collard Greens, and comedy actress Alison Burke. DeMesier plays the lead of “Maya,” an awkward new New Yorker who tries to casually live while Black amongst her white friends, and often finds herself in ironic situations due to the advisement of her best friend “Lana,” played by Burke. The series obtains heavy influences of FX’s Louie and Comedy Central’s Broad City, and is told through the passive Black woman’s point of view.

Sit Black & Relax shows a feminist woman living her Black life. Maya is a slightly failing jewelry designer who works at a nanny-matching service to support her dream in NYC. She’s living the carefree life: dating bachelors, entertaining the nightlife, and loving Beyoncé while meeting experiences of race. Just when her life gets too practical and predictable, she keeps her best friend Lana at her side to continue to keep her radical options open.

JustLatasha grew in popularity amongst 6K subscribers with her YouTube comedy vlog, making racism funny… when it ain’t! She tackles tough topics of pop culture and social issues concerning color and feminism, and educates her listeners using comedy. Next episode airs Monday, May 2nd on JustLatasha.com.

She hosted a screening alongside of popular podcast host, Hey Assanté of The Friend Zone Podcast, and was also joined by Kid Fury and Crissle of the #1 iTunes rated comedy podcast, The Read.

Please view the premiere episode, as featured on Blavity and AfroPunk:

JustLatasha is a Queens, NY native and cum laude graduate with a Bachelor’s of the Arts degree in Communication Arts. She began her career in the vast and un-glamourous world of Fashion PR, until she found her passion in filmmaking. She started her first brand, Dope Files, in 2010. She discovered that her passion for Black art & activism was shared amongst a vast audience. This birthed her current brand JustLatasha; she films and edits bi-weekly comedic vlogs about race issues to her 6,000 subscribers. This also led to her highly anticipated upcoming comedy web series, Sit Black & Relax, which debuted March 14th, 2016. This is her first scripted work, and she is more than excited to share more of her talents with the world.