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Wedding Movies Revisited

The staggering majority of wedding movies take on the inherent drama of an impending lifelong commitment by tearing apart the engaged couple for a more “meant to be” love, generally with either a close friend or someone working on the wedding. This trope became incredibly frustrating for me when I was engaged, because I wasn’t inclined to root for weddings falling apart at the altar. I became so jaded about the genre, hating that so many movies with central female characters are wrapped up in the wedding world. But this week I’ve been rethinking wedding movies a bit.

Stan Lee: "We Don’t Have to Knock Ourselves Out Finding a Female"

Written by Robin Hitchcock In an interview with Toofab, Stan Lee talked about upcoming Marvel Studios projects and answered a question about a female Marvel superhero getting her own movie with: “The thing is, the women like these movies as much as the guys. So we don’t have to knock ourselves out finding a female.” […]

Don’t Ignore ‘Trophy Wife’

Written by Robin Hitchcock I probably could have gone an entire season, or, network willing, three or four, without really paying any attention to the existence of upcoming ABC sitcom Trophy Wife. To begin with, it is an ABC sitcom not called Happy Endings (RIP). And my cynical side assumes it got an instant greenlight […]

Surfers in ‘Blue Crush’ and Girls in ‘Blue Crush 2’

Michelle Rodriguez, Kate Bosworth, and Sanoe Lake in Blue Crush Written by Robin Hitchcock To borrow an observation from my friend Liz, subculture movies are awesome. Well, they have a better chance of being awesome, and an excellent chance of being at least interesting. Focusing on people who build their lives and identities around an […]

RANT: End Staggered International Release Dates!

Written by Robin Hitchcock. And now, a break from your regularly scheduled feminist analysis of pop culture, as this Bitch Flicks writer has HAD ENOUGH with writing about pop culture that is so six-to-ten-weeks ago. The Heat: US release date June 28 2013. ZA release date 23 August 2013. When I first joined the Bitch […]

Bisexuality in ‘Orange is the New Black’

Written by Robin Hitchcock Orange is the New Black Orange is the New Black has more buzz than an apiary this summer, and with good reason: it’s funny, emotionally affecting, intensely watchable, and as a Netflix original series, suited to an immensely satisfying weekend binge-watch. But on top of all that, OitNB offers a lot […]

Spike Lee’s "Essential Films": More Annoying Than Your Average List

Filmmaker Spike Lee   Written by Robin Hitchcock Any list of the “greatest” “essential” “best” “definitive” films (or books/tv shows/albums/Got Milk? ads/insert your pop cultural poison) is going to have its detractors. The controversy that inevitably follows these lists is a big part of the reason we make them in the first place. Dissecting a […]

The Women of ‘White House Down’

Written by Robin Hitchcock Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx, and a billion other dudes in White House Down. I swear there are chicks, though. Even though I’m running into the risk of painting myself into a month of themed posts about the women in dumb-but-entertaining movies about ‘MERICA, I have to write about the few, the […]

Wedding Week: The Roundup

Father of the Bride Values Relationships With Women by Mab Ryan Father of the Bride (1991) is aptly named, as its focus is not on the wedding itself or the couple involved but on the titular character’s neuroses and journey to maturity. The wedding is the backdrop and the incident that provokes growth in the […]

‘National Treasure’s Abigail Chase: a Loveable Badass Who Makes Questionable Choices

Written by Robin Hitchcock I’ve made it a tradition to watch National Treasure every 4th of July, not only because it is a fantastic dumb-fun movie, but because I don’t own Independence Day (who am I kidding, I would just do a double feature). Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger) in National Treasure So I had planned […]

Wedding Week: The HitchDied Guide to Wedding Movies

Written by Robin Hitchcock When I was planning my own wedding in 2010 and 2011, I blogged about the strange experience of getting sucked into wedding-world as an allegedly savvy and feminist chick who nevertheless loves weddings. To round out my personal journey through wedding culture (and have a good excuse to watch and write […]

‘Terms of Endearment’ IS NOT a Melodrama

Written by Robin Hitchcock Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine in Terms of Endearment Terms of Endearment has a lasting reputation as a melodramatic, emotionally-manipulative chick flick. This is a film that grossed over $100 million (an even more significant benchmark in the early 80’s) and won five major Academy Awards (Best Picture, Best Director and […]