2 Broke Girls

A Plea For More Roseannes and Norma Raes: Addressing The Lack of Working-Class Female Characters on American Screens

Working-class female protagonists remain rare, however. More often than not, working-class women play supporting roles as mothers, wives or lovers. Their characters are invariably underwritten or stereotypical.

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks

Megan‘s Picks: Why ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Is the Best Film of the Year by Christopher Orr via The Atlantic Daniel Tosh ‘Two Broke Girls,’ and The Oatmeal: The Year of the Rape Joke by Tricia Romano via The Daily Beast Memo to Media: Manhood, Not Guns or Mental Illness, Should Be Central in Newtown Shooting […]

Quote of the Day: Nico Lang On Gaycism

A month ago, Lauren Bans coined the term gaycism, defined as “the wrongheaded idea that having gay characters gives you carte blanche to cut PC corners elsewhere.” Bans fingered the sitcoms Modern Family, The New Normal, Partners, and Two Broke Girls as major offenders. The case of Two Broke Girls is especially frustrating. I want […]

Rape Jokes Are Taking Over TV and I’m Sick Of It

[Trigger warning for rape] Newsflash, rape jokes are not funny. Ever. So why are so many sitcoms succumbing to them? 2 Broke Girls, Work It, Rob, Whitney, Up All Night, Two and a Half Men, Workaholics, Modern Family, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Family Guy, Glee, and The Soup (NO, Joel McHale!) have all attempted […]

Guest Writer Wednesday: ‘2 Broke Girls:’ How NOT to Respond to Criticism that Your Show is Racist

(L-R): Kat Dennings, Matthew Moy, Beth Behrs; ‘2 Broke Girls’ still frame Written by Lady T. Originally published at The Funny Feminist. Cross-posted with permission. I watch 2 Broke Girls. Do you watch 2 Broke Girls? Watching that show from a social justice perspective is a bizarre experiment in emotional whiplash. On the one hand, […]