Women Directors Week: The Roundup

Women Directors Week The Roundup

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Movie You Need to Be Talking About: ‘Advantageous’


Directed and co-written by Jennifer Phang, ‘Advantageous’ is a surprisingly touching and purposeful film that revitalizes certain elements of the sci-fi genre while presenting two powerful voices in women filmmakers: Jennifer Phang and Jacqueline Kim.

Dystopias: The Roundup


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“You’re Not My Mother!” Bodies, Love, and Survival in ‘Advantageous’

Gwen and Jules talking in the park, surrounded by green grass, tall trees, and the river.

In these moments, and in those unspoken moments when she savors placing long sweet kisses on Jules’s cheek, we see Gwen’s resistance. “Know your value,” Gwen tells Jules. It’s not found in good grades, not in getting into the best school, not in a newer and “better” body, but in sensory and emotional human pleasures.

‘Advantageous’: The Future is Now

Jacqueline Kim co-wrote the screenplay for Advantageous and also stars as its lead, Gwen Koh.

“Are women really going backwards going forward?”

‘Advantageous’: Feminist Science Fiction at Its Best


Though this happens in a future in which cosmetic surgery has become much more than a matter of lift and tuck, Koh’s struggle with whether and how to change her body for the sake of her daughter and her career, combined with the behind-the-scenes machinations of the corporation, casts a complicated light on the present struggles of women trying to succeed in both career and motherhood while facing the social pressure to stay young and be perfect.