Women in a Man’s World: ‘Mad Men’ and the Female Gaze


In fact, many of the clients grow to appreciate the benefit of the female gaze, making their products truly (for the most part) appealing to women. This makes more profit than the false patriarchal ideas of a woman’s wants and needs. With the character of Peggy, Weiner is able to let us see the advertising world from the female gaze to criticize the falsehood that lies in selling female products with a male gaze.

‘Mad Men’: Masculinity and the Don Draper Image


Upon viewing the series after knowing the show’s finale, we see that the Don Draper arc reflects a small change in gender perspectives during that era. The Don of Season 1 would never act as the Don in the Season 7 finale. We see that Mad Men was all about shattering the hyper-masculine Don Draper mythos that he built and trapped himself within.

‘The Moon Inside You’: A Bloody Good Documentary

Diana gives us a nice view at the doctor's office.

Menstrual studies is a discipline very close to my heart. While earning my master’s degree, I temporarily became obsessed with texts like ‘Periods in Pop Culture’ (Lauren Rosewarne, 2012) and ‘Flow’ (Elissa Stein and Susan Kim, 2010) as I composed my thesis. I was blessed with a supportive advisor who made me realize that those who shot me disgusted looks in the past were in fact the weird, misinformed ones. I find it perplexing that so many have capitalized on menstruation, yet many are still terrified of discussing it in any form or on any platform. Menstruation is uniquely female and yet suggestive of violence, sacrifice, and trauma: that’s compelling. The menstrual cycle reminds us all of our own mortality, the devastating truth that our bodies will eventually decompose or burn into ashes, and that’s terrifying for many people. Why has the “fairer sex” been assigned this burden?

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks


This week we’ve been reading about how an actress prepares for violence in a film, women directors, the common flaw of TV’s strong women, and more. Tell us what you’ve been reading and writing this week in the comments!

How a ‘Flatliners’ Ad During a Movie Showing Made This Woman Walk Out

Myrna Waldron, my oldest daughter (a regular contributor to Bitch Flicks), baby Rhiannon Roxane Waldron, and the author, their mother, Pandora Diane MacMillan. This is a guest post by Pandora Diane MacMillan and appears as part of our theme week on Infertility, Miscarriage, and Infant Loss. It was March 1997. I was at a movie […]

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks

Rosario Dawson Gives Some Real Talk on the Reality for Actresses by Kerensa Cadenas via Women and Hollywood Why I Wrote a ‘Mad Men’ Episode with Negroes by Erika Alexander via Racialicious Spotlight on Women Directors at Tribeca Film Festival by Paula Schwartz via Reel Life with Jane Women in Film Talk Why There Are […]

‘Carousel’: A Fairytale Screen Adaptation of the 2012 Republican Anti-Woman Agenda

Movie poster for Carousel I loved this film. When I was 13 or so. Re-watching it this week—for the purpose of writing about how much I admired the way it handled domestic violence issues (in 1956, no less)—I realized my 13-year-old self understood jack shit about misogyny in film, and she certainly didn’t understand what […]

Sunday Recap

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks: pieces from Racialicious, The Crunk Feminist Collective, About-Face, Pandagon, etc. ‘Pray the Devil Back to Hell’ Portrays How the Women of Liberia, United in Peace, Changed a Nation: As the war progressed, the women wanted to take more drastic measures. Inspired by their faith, the women donned white garb to declare […]

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks

Athena Film Festival Trailer Contest “Web Shows Trek Past Sci-Fi’s Color Line” by Aymar Jean Christian for Racialicious “Leave Kim Alone!” by crunkista for The Crunk Feminist Collective “Sugar in the Raw Delivers a Sweet Insult” by Larkin for About-Face “BEV talks to Andrea Arnold about her latest triumph: Wuthering Heights” by Rachel Millward for […]

Swiffer Reminds Us that Women Are Dirt

We’ve all been here before: watching a television show, cut to commercial break, and on comes that particular ad that you absolutely loathe. You switch the channel, mute the TV, or just rant through the entire thing…again (I’m not the only one, right?). Not too long ago, I wrote about the spate of “man up […]

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks

“Tilda Swinton: I Didn’t Speak for Five Years” by Kira Cochrane for The Guardian “Are TV Ads Getting More Sexist?” by Derek Thompson for The Atlantic “Painful Baby Boom on Prime-Time TV” by Neil Genzlinger for The New York Times “The Rebirth of the Feminist Manifesto” by Emily Nussbaum for New York Magazine “Sexy or […]

Eff You, Dr. Pepper: An Open Letter

Dear Dr. Pepper, I personally find your beverages delicious, and happen to make a majority of the purchasing decisions for my household. Thanks to your outrageous ad for Dr. Pepper 10, which I just saw last night, we will no longer drink any variety of Dr. Pepper.  Please advise. Sincerely, Me P.S. Here’s the ad […]