An Education

‘Mistress America’: Passing The Bechdel Test All The Way Through


I didn’t expect Gerwig and Baumbach together to create in the second film (‘Frances Ha’ was the first) the two offscreen romantic partners have written in which Gerwig plays the lead and Baumbach directs, a movie that (in spite of its terrible title) is one of the delights of this summer: ‘Mistress America’.

Best Picture Nominee Review Series: 2010 Roundup

It’s over a year late . . . but here it is!  Avatar reviewed by Elizabeth Tiller “As much as I would like to sit through a movie like this and enjoy it for what it is (ground-breaking sci-fi entertainment that will go down in history), I simply can’t. James Cameron’s attempt to create a […]

Movie Review: An Education

*This is a guest post from Jesseca Cornelson. An Education is a perfectly fine film. The performances are pleasant enough to watch, but much of the plot and characterization seemed to me to be yet another retelling of the popular “how to make a proper woman” story, complete with yee olde stereotypes of the necessary […]