Arrested Development

They’ve Made a Huge Mistake: Motherhood in ‘Arrested Development’


Lindsay does not like to think of herself as a mother. Whether it has to do with her negative feelings about her own mother, or the fact that it might make her seem old (or, quite possibly, a combination of both), it becomes very obvious that she does not seem to feel comfortable in this role.

‘Arrested Development’s Mancession: Economic and Gender Meltdowns in Season 4

Arrested Development promo.   Written by Leigh Kolb Spoilers ahead! When Arrested Development first aired in 2003, the news cycle was heavy with stories of Enron-like corporate scandals and the escalating Iraq War. The first run of the series–from 2003 to 2006–relied heavily on inspiration from news stories about crooked corporations and wartime scandals to draw the Bluth […]

A Feminist Look at The Women of ‘Arrested Development’

Written by Lady T.  The fourth season of Arrested Development is in production, and fans are blueing themselves in delight. Every time I turn around, entertainment news is buzzing with more information about the show’s upcoming revival. Right after we fans calm down over our initial excitement at seeing Jason Bateman’s tweet of the first […]