Better Call Saul

Masculinity: The Roundup

Shaun and Ed, Shaun of the Dead

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Moving Away From the Anti-Hero: What It Means to Be a Man in ‘Better Call Saul’


Slippin’ Jimmy was to James McGill what Heisenberg was to Walter White–a hyper-masculine alter-ego. OK, Slippin’ Jimmy was only conning a few business men out of their Rolexes, but essentially both men created an alternative, more masculine version of themselves in order to survive and gain success.

Is ‘Better Call Saul’ the Next ‘Breaking Bad’?

Bob Odenkirk as the great Saul in AMC's 'Better Call Saul'

So what about ‘Better Call Saul’? Will Gilligan and Gould offer us more female characters (to either love or hate)? So far I see only one major female role being advertised, that of Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn), a tough lawyer foil for Saul. At this stage, it just feels thin, and we all know that Gilligan and Gould can absolutely produce some interesting female characters to add to their Alberquerque setting; the question is, will they?