Bleeding Heart

‘Bleeding Heart’ and All the Times It’s Probably Okay to Shoot Someone

Bleeding Heart

Written and directed by Diane Bell, ‘Bleeding Heart’ is about class privilege, moral hypocrisy, and the arrogance of preaching nonviolence to people about to be killed. Mostly, though, it’s a chance to watch Zosia Mamet play someone other than Shoshanna and drink in a dark but gorgeous colour palette.

Director Diane Bell Chats about ‘Bleeding Heart’ Stars Jessica Biel and Zosia Mamet

Director Diane Bell

During the festival I met with Bell at a restaurant in the Meatpacking district to chat about her film and following are edited highlights:

Seed & Spark: Vive La Revolution!

Scene from Test Shoot for Of Dust and Bones

In my own life, I’m embracing the idea that films can make a difference, and that they do. It’s not just the content of the film, but how we make them, how we finance them, how we share them.