Boogie Nights

Seed & Spark: The Bad Mamas of Contemporary Cinema

Badass mom warrior Patricia Arquette in Boyhood

This is not an article that will chronicle empty mother characters. This is for all the badass mamas out there—the honest mother roles that women have nailed. Hopefully this will present a case for why we need a million more. Here’s to the female characters who have outlived the digital revolution and will continue to. Characters that live with us and remain faulted heroes. And here’s to the women who made them so electric.

Representations of Sex Workers: The Roundup


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Porno Moms and the Sexual Healing of Family in ‘Boogie Nights’

Amber, gazing on her "lonely boy"

The vision of Eddie/Dirk’s home life at the beginning of the film shows us that no family is without its failures, and that true family and community bolsters individuals while forgiving and healing these flaws. The film is progressive in its inclusivity (of male, female, and queer characters), and specifically in its treatment of Amber as she constructs her own version of motherhood and family, for better or worse.