Desert Hearts

Ladies of the 1980s Week: The Roundup

Ladies of the 80s Roundup

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Revisiting ‘Desert Hearts’ and Its Lesbian Romance

Desert Hearts

For heterosexual women, movies and television series show them every day what a loving relationship is and what the expectations are to grow up, fall in love, and find a handsome prince (however flawed that may be). For lesbians prior to Donna Deitch’s ‘Desert Hearts,’ nothing of the kind existed on-screen.

LGBTQI Week: Revisiting ‘Desert Hearts’

This is a guest review by Angie Beauchamp. We all hold dear particular films that made an indelible impression on us. Somehow they connected to us as a viewer on an emotional or even a spiritual level; we identified with the story or characters in unusual ways; or we appreciated the craftsmanship so much that […]