Secondhand Embarrassment in ‘Chewing Gum’


‘Chewing Gum’ is a gem and let’s hope that this is a good indication of the bright future that’s ahead of Michaela Coel.

Black Families: The Roundup

Tea, toast, and good times with the Ambrose clan and their extended family.

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‘Desmond’s’: Roots, Culture, and the Black U.K. Experience

Desmond's: DVD Collection Seasons1-4

What makes ‘Desmond’s’ unique is its layered and often nuanced portrayal of immigrant Afro-Europeans and their assimilating progeny that are more closely connected to their African roots than any African American TV show I’d ever seen. It also has a cross representation of class in Black British society by showing retired, working class, upper-middle class, college-educated, college-bound, and not college-bound Black people interacting together all the time. Not only are different classes intermingling, but there are also four series regulars who are white, and their whiteness is not the punchline of tired racial jokes.