Eve’s Bayou

Women Directors Week: The Roundup

Women Directors Week The Roundup

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Why ‘Eve’s Bayou’ Is a Great American Art Film

Eves Bayou

The story of a family burdened by salacious and supernatural secrets in 1962 Louisiana, the movie has become one of the finer American films in the Southern gothic tradition; but with a Black director and an all-Black cast, ‘Eve’s Bayou’ has been unceremoniously booted from its deserving recognition as the fantastic, moody art film it is.

Colorism and Interracial Relationships in Film: ‘Belle,’ ‘The Wedding,’ & More


The colorism Dido experiences is seen throughout different Western societies that had Black African enslavement as part of its world. Many stories of colorism also exist in American history and folklore and we see how it impacts romantic relationships and in American film and TV.

Eve and the Second Sight


The story of Eve also elevates the image of Black women as the foundation of families. This element becomes most important as the film progresses.

Women of Color in Film and TV: ‘Eve’s Bayou’ belongs in the canon

Written by Robin Hitchcock. Eve’s Bayou dvd cover Eve’s Bayou, Kasi Lemmons’s 1997 debut as a screenwriter and director, should be seen by every movie lover, every filmmaker, every storyteller. It’s a nearly perfect narrative feat, but it only generated minor waves among film critics upon its release (although Roger Ebert did name it his […]