Evil Dead

The Ten Most-Read Posts from April 2013

Did you miss these popular posts on Bitch Flicks? If so, here’s your chance to catch up.  “Gratuitous Female Nudity and Complex Female Characters in Game of Thrones“ by Lady T “How to Recognize the Signs of Feminist Burnout” by Myrna Waldron “Nothing Can Save The Walking Dead‘s Sexist Woman Problem” by Megan Kearns “In […]

Where Is My Girl Ash?: On "Evil Dead" 2013

Written by MaxThornton. Warning: spoilers are invoked herein, and they’ll swallow your soul! I try not to look forward to things; I’ve been hurt toomany timesbefore. But I couldn’t help feeling just alittle excitement for the Evil Deadremake, tempered though it was with trepidation. Almost certainly not true, if you’re the kind of person who […]

When Dumb Fun Turns Nasty: Sexual Violence in Stupid Movies

Written by Max Thornton. [content note: explicit discussion of violence and rape] Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle: “Violent media poisoning nation’s soul.” Is it, though? To his credit, LaSalle recognizes that it’s pretty fatuous to blame movie violence for real-life violent crime, but that doesn’t stop him from calling for blanket R ratings […]

A Walkthrough of the New ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer

The Evil Dead movies are some of my all-time favorites. I love them the way you can only really love something you first saw in your teens: with nostalgia, delight, and fierce ardor. Just looking at this makes me incoherent with happiness. ;aksdjf. So I have a lot of complicated feelings about the forthcoming remake. […]