Fantastic Mr. Fox

2013 Golden Globes Week: An Open Letter to Owen Wilson Regarding ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

This is a guest post by Molly McCaffrey and is cross-posted with permission. Movie poster for Moonrise Kingdom Dear Mr. Wilson, For many years, I believe people had the sense that Wes Anderson was the genius behind the three films you co-wrote with him: Bottle Rocket, Rushmore,  and The Royal Tenenbaums. This is probably because […]

The Flick Off: Fantastic Mr. Fox

After hearing repeatedly that Fantastic Mr. Foxis Wes Anderson’s best film, I gave it a try. I’m not the biggest Anderson fan—I generally find his aesthetic too precious, his characters over-privileged bores, and his daddy issues repetitive and tiresome—but it seemed to me that stop-motion animation might be the ideal medium to capture his intentions. […]