Fear the Walking Dead

‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Melvin Was My Ride

ftwd ofelia

I mean, if I want to see an obscenely wealthy, morally repugnant real estate magnate battling mindless zombies, I’ll just watch the Republican presidential debates again.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’: It’s Torture!

ftwd travis

There’s only one more episode left this season, and the ratings are dropping, maybe because people like their zombie shows about bad parents to have more zombies in them, and less teen angst. Season Two is going to be 15 episodes, so they’ll have to come up with a lot more story, or take another six scripts and stretch them out the way the parent show does.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’: I’m From the Government, and I’m Here to Help

ftwd daniel

As with the writers on ‘The Walking Dead,’ these writers haven’t yet proven they have any idea how to write strong roles for women. But if they ever figure it out, they’ve got the right actor for the job.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Liberals Try to Stop Zombies with Words!

fear travis

The audience knows so much more than the characters that at a certain point, it doesn’t work as dramatic irony anymore; it’s just frustrating.

How Female Characters in ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Are Represented


Outside of their relationship, the fleeting glimpses of strength illustrated in the women are immediately overpowered by their lack of emotional self control. Alicia’s weaknesses lay in her annoyance and resentment of Nick and Travis. However, Madison’s issues run a little deeper.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’: The Black Guys Die First

fear chris

There’s a conservative bent to much horror, but this conflation of real-life police brutality and genuine tragedy with the killing of zombies crosses a line.

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Pilot: Can It Be More?

Footprints in the Sand

This is more than just a “companion series” to ‘The Walking Dead’; it’s a second chance.