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All the Rage: Women-Led and Women-Centric Horror Film Festivals

Women horror film fests

“They just assume I’m an actress. They would never assume that I directed it or made the film myself.” That’s the assumption that women-centric horror film festivals intend to quash. They’re also, as Women in Horror Film Festival (WIHFF) co-director and filmmaker Samantha Kolesnik said, a growing platform for “equal representation” in all aspects of film production.

‘Colossal’ and ‘Lady Macbeth’ Tell Similar Stories of Violence and Empowerment at TIFF


Both Nacho Vigalondo’s monster movie, ‘Colossal,’ and William Oldroyd’s period piece, ‘Lady Macbeth,’ are solid, carefully-made films built around a stunning performance from their lead actors – Anne Hathaway and Florence Pugh, respectively – and both tell the story of a woman surrounded by men who try to control her. Rightly or wrongly, both films also seem to presume that the best way for women to be strong and empowered is through physical violence.

Women in Film at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne


The theme at this year’s Indian Film Festival of Melbourne (IFFM) is “women’s empowerment.” If you will be in the Melbourne, Australia area, here are all of the women-directed films and women in film panels you should check out at the 2016 Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, which runs from August 11 through August 21.

Bluestocking Film Series Showcases Complex Female Protagonists

Bluestocking Film Series 2016

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Kate Kaminski, Bluestocking Film Series Founder and Artistic Director. We talked about the need for more complex female protagonists, ensuring diversity, women’s representation in film, and what she hopes to accomplish with the film series.

DV8 Film Festival Reminds Us That Filmmaking Is Fun

DV8 Logo

The homemade, DIY, guerilla feeling of this screening party fit the theme of the festival: every film shown was made over the course of 48 hours on either MiniDV or Super 8 film, using only in-camera editing. The result was a collection of films that filled the gap in so many film school and indie filmmaker spaces: a festival that celebrated the fun of filmmaking and visual storytelling as opposed to technical perfection.

Women-Directed Films at the East End Film Festival in the UK


We love to highlight and showcase the work of women filmmakers here at Bitch Flicks. Here are all 17 of the women-directed films you should check out at the 2016 East End Film Festival in London.

3 Women-Directed Films to See at the Los Angeles Film Festival


We love to highlight and showcase the work of women filmmakers here at Bitch Flicks. Here are three films written and directed by women you should check out at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Moonfaze Feminist Film Festival: Her Story Illuminated

The Pink Sorrys

Writer/Director/Actress and Moonfaze Film Festival Founder Premstar Santana has taken on the challenge of not waiting for Hollywood to feature feminist cinema. She is creating the platform that elevates feminist viewpoints from marginalized voices that rarely get the opportunity to shine.

Interview with Athena Film Festival Co-Founders Kathryn Kolbert and Melissa Silverstein

Kathryn Kolbert and Melissa Silverstein via Women of Athena Pinterest

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Athena Film Festival co-founders Kathryn Kolbert, Constance Hess Williams Director, Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College, and Melissa Silverstein, Founder and Editor, Women and Hollywood. We discussed the upcoming festival, creating opportunities for female filmmakers, and the importance of seeing women leaders on-screen.

How to Navigate a Film Festival

Bushwick Film Festival This guest post was written by Kweighbaye Kotee and edited by Casey Johnson-Aksoy.  Film festivals can be overwhelming, scary, frustrating, and a major blow to the ego of any filmmaker–times ten if you’re new to the scene, especially if it’s a big one. You show up, no one really knows who you […]

Hey, Filmmakers! Athena Film Festival Accepting Submissions

We’re big (huge, ginormous…you get the idea) fans of the Athena Film Festival. A film fest that focuses on women and leadership? Of course we love it. Bitch Flicks has attended and covered it each and every year. So naturally we’re excited to attend the 4th Annual Athena Film Festival next year. It’s incredibly powerful to […]

A Big Hurray! Lunafest 2013: Short Films For, By, and About Women

The 12th Annual Lunafest Written by Janyce Denise Glasper I truly enjoyed the 12th Annual Lunafest–nine short films for, about, and by women filmmakers which has one hundred percent of proceeds benefiting local charities including breast cancer research and nonprofit women’s organizations. From five to eighteen minutes long, these nine diversified, honest, and beguiling films […]