Fruitvale Station

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‘Fruitvale Station’ Humanizes the Pigeonholed African American Father/Child Relationship

Fruitvale Station film poster. Written by Janyce Denise Glasper “I got a daughter…” groans Oscar Grant. “He just shot me…” Lying face down, a coward’s bullet inside his back, young Oscar’s black-brown eyes water, blood spews between his purple lips, redness staining bright white teeth that had smiled with an infinite amount of mesmerizing happiness […]

‘Fruitvale Station’: White Audiences Need to Look, Not Look Away

Fruitvale Station movie poster. Written by Leigh Kolb Fruitvale Station, unlike most feature films, is not told from and for the perspective of the white gaze. For white audiences, this is startling, uncomfortable and heartbreaking. It should be. The film is a harrowing re-telling of the true story of Oscar Grant, who was killed by a […]