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Remembering Věra Chytilová

Věra Chytilová

A few thoughts about the Czech filmmaker, Věra Chytilová, who died March 12 in Prague. She was 85. Chytilová was one of the key directors of the Czech New Wave and is renowned for her feminist classic, Daisies (1966). Experimental and surrealist, Daisies is an anarchic trip about two girls behaving badly and strangely.

RIP Roger Ebert

Written by Robin Hitchcock Film critic Roger Ebert, 1942–2013 Roger Ebert died at age 70 yesterday, only days after announcing he would be taking a “leave of presence” from his career because his cancer had returned. Hearing the sad news of his passing, those words stand out in my mind: “leave of presence.” Even though […]

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor 1932-2011   As you all likely know by now, Elizabeth Taylor died yesterday from congestive heart failure. There’s not much I can think to say about her that others haven’t said–and likely said better. Here are some highlights of her career as an actress, successful businesswoman, and HIV/AIDS activist. Taylor won Best Actress […]

Jane Russell 1921 – 2011

Actress Jane Russell, 1921 – 2011

Patrick Swayze 1952-2009

By now, you’ve all probably heard that Patrick Swayze lost his battle with pancreatic cancer yesterday, at age 57. I remember watching Dirty Dancing when it first came out–and when I was definitely too young to see it. There are worse things for a young girl to see, however, than Frances coming into her own–even […]

Crystal Lee Sutton 1941-2009

Known as the ‘real-life Norma Rae,’ Sutton may be best known for her action in 1973 that became an iconic moment in movie history: I took a piece of cardboard and wrote the word UNION on it in big letters, got up on my work table, and slowly turned it around. The workers started cutting […]

Farrah Fawcett 1947-2009

After her public battle with cancer, actress and ’70s icon Farrah Fawcett died Thursday. Sad day.

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Silenced: A Short Silent Film

Bea Arthur 1922 – 2009

Bea Arthur, star of sitcoms Maude (1972 – 1978) and The Golden Girls (1985 – 1992) and Tony Award winner, died over the weekend after a battle with cancer. Here are some clips to remember her by. “Maude’s Dilemma,” where Maude, age 47, decides to have an abortion. The episode aired before Roe vs. Wade […]