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‘The Bling Ring’: American Emptiness

Cast of The Bling Ring This is a guest review by Marcia Herring. In discussions of Sofia Coppola, nepotism is a long-covered topic. Regardless of early exposure in her acting career, I have no doubt that Coppola has ultimately benefited from the privilege of being surrounded by famous company. Without Francis Ford or Roman or […]

‘Farah Goes Bang’: A Love Letter to Female Friendships

Farah Goes Bang movie poster Written by Amanda RodriguezSpoiler Alert “I wanted to do something I hadn’t done before. Change the world and be awesome.” – 17 year-old female John Kerry Campaign Volunteer in Farah Goes Bang Meera Menon’s Tribeca Film Festival award-winning Farah Goes Bang is a lot of things: it’s a coming-of-age and […]

The Lifelike, Feminist Choreography of ‘Frances Ha’

Frances Ha movie poster. Written by Leigh Kolb Spoilers ahead! “27 is old.” Frances Ha is a love letter to that idea–that 27 is old, but is, at the same time, the beginning of everything. For this generation, 27 is at that cusp between youth and adulthood and it is painful, terrifying and full of misery and joy. […]

Travel Films Week: Protecting Olive in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

Movie poster for Little Miss Sunshine This is a guest review by Melissa Richard. Look around… this place is fucked! I don’t want these people judging Olive—fuck them! You’re the mom—you’re supposed to protect her! Everyone is gonna laugh at her, Mom… please don’t let her do this. Look, she’s not a beauty queen. She’s […]

Travel Films Week: ‘The Go-Getter’: A Male-Led Feminist Film

The Go-Getter movie poster This is a guest post by Melanie Killingsworth. The Go-Getter doesn’t scream “feminist.” The central character is a guy named Mercer; in fact, the movie doesn’t actually pass the Bechdel test, because no one really talks to anyone besides Mercer. Mercer’s first words – to himself and the audience at large […]

‘Away We Go’: Infertility and the Indie Film

Movie poster for Away We Go This is a guest post by LD Anderson and appears as part of our theme week on Infertility, Miscarriage, and Infant Loss.  Away We Go (2009) was part of a spate movies a few years ago that were marketed as “Indie”—with hand-drawn title cards and twee soundtracks—regardless of the […]

‘The Yellow Room’ and the Timeless Locking Up of Women’s Experiences

Written by Leigh Kolb Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper,” on its surface, is about a woman in the late 1800s suffering from what we now understand is postpartum depression. Her physician husband locks her away in a room–employing the popular “rest cure” of the time (which Gilman had been forced to endure)–and she slips deeper […]

Third Annual Athena Film Festival: Mini-Roundup

Over the weekend, Megan and I attended the third annual Athena Film Festival, which was completely amazing. And–BONUS–we also got to meet blogger extraordinaire Carrie Nelson!  We saw several films, including Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives, Future Weather, The Girl, Middle of Nowhere, Women Aren’t Funny, and WONDER WOMEN! The Untold […]

On Sex, Disability, and Helen Hunt in ‘The Sessions’

Movie poster for The Sessions Written by Stephanie Rogers.  I hadn’t heard of Mark O’Brien before I saw The Sessions. I only knew that the film starred John Hawkes (of Deadwood, Winter’s Bone, and Martha Marcy May Marlene fame) and Helen Hunt, who I’ve always admired because of her role as the rebellious, dance-obsessed Lynne […]

How ‘Vamps’ Showcases the Importance of Women Friendships

I’m reposting my review of Vamps—which previously appeared at Bitch Flicks on May 3, 2012—in honor of Vamps opening in theaters (in limited release) tonight and releasing on DVD November 12. Movie poster for Vamps Vamps, the new indie film directed by Amy Heckerling and starring Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter (the upcoming star of […]

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks

Megan‘s Picks:“No Love in the Wild” [on Beasts of the Southern Wild] by bell hooks via NewBlackMan (in Exile) Black Power Takes Center Stage at TIFF with Angela Davis Documentary by Melissa Silverstein via Women and Hollywood Fox Host to Scarlett Johansson: “You’re Worth Millions” — Pay for Your Friends’ Contraceptives “Instead of Asking Me” […]

LGBTQI Week: Cracks

This is a guest review by Emily Campbell. This is a story about lesbian schoolgirls. Those of you who have already seen Lost and Delirious, The Moth Diaries, D.E.B.S., Therese and Isabelle, Fucking Åmål, But I’m A Cheerleader, Heavenly Creatures, Bilitis, and every other lesbian schoolgirl film out there, just hear me out and try […]