Iron Man

“Did I Step on Your Moment?” The Seductive and Psychological Violence of Female Superheroes


This style of fighting codes our female superheroes as half menacing and half attractive – we are meant to be afraid of them, but also enticed by them. Their violence is inextricably linked to their sexuality.

Top 10 Superheroine Movies That Need a Reboot

Superheroines everywhere!

We all know that male superheroes get reboots for their (often shitty) movies over and over and over again. There are an ever-increasing number of Batman, Superman, and Hulk movies, not to mention a growing franchise of Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor flicks. With this mentality of quantity over quality, there’s no excuse for denying reboots to some of my favorite female superheroines and their considerably fewer films. Some of the movies that made my top 10 list admittedly sucked, and their heroines deserve a second chance to shine on the big screen. Some of the movies, however, were, are and ever shall be totally awesome, and I just want a do-over to enhance the awesome.

Summer Movie Preview

Written by Max Thornton. Time’s relentless onward march has brought us to the end of April. In just a few days it will be the first weekend in May, which is – in the strange, terrifying minds of Hollywood executives – the first weekend of summer. Summer movies are an odd and frustrating bunch. I […]

Movie Review: Iron Man

I watched Iron Man over the weekend, after hearing it contains some interesting commentary on the military-industrial complex. Not only is this not true, but the movie is also boring. This offers a fair assessment: Find more e-cards here.