Liv Tyler

One Woman’s View: Martha Fiennes’ ‘Onegin’


Director Martha Fiennes unlocks this costume classic for a modern audience, deftly allowing the two main characters to take their share of the center stage to tell their stories. While Ralph Fiennes’ Onegin plays a familiar type of romantic male, Liv Tyler’s Tatyana is not often familiar, even in modern love stories. She does not play the martyr, pining for someone she can’t have, but rather takes stock of what she needs in life and makes her choices accordingly, regardless of how others may feel.

The Soundtrack for ‘That Thing You Do!’ Withstands the Test of Time

That Thing You Do movie poster

‘That Thing You Do!’ with its sly humor, strong performances and ultimately heartwarming romance makes for satisfying viewing. It’s a meditation on the tension between art and commerce that manages to acknowledge what can be good about temporary fame. It’s also a squeaky-clean antidote to sordid, drug-filled “Behind-the Music”-type stories, both fictional and real.

Horror Week 2012: ‘The Strangers’: The Horror of Home Invasion and the Power of the Final Girl

  Guest post written by Mychael Blinde. Originally published at Vagina Dentwata. Cross-posted with permission. The home invasion horror film The Strangers received bad reviews. Like, really bad. Critics wrote things like: “What a waste of a perfectly good first act! And what a maddening, nihilistic, infuriating ending!” and: “Kind of like what The Shining […]