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The Lois Lane ‘Batman v Superman’ Doesn’t Think You Can Handle

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Lois Lane represents a more achievable kind of strength for us mere mortals. Tenacity, self-reliance, and quick wits – these are the weapons of choice for the archetypal career woman bent on “having it all.” … Any writer that reduces Lois Lane down to little more than human Kryptonite thoroughly misrepresents her rich 75-year history as an important pop cultural icon to women.

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‘Man of Steel’: Wonderful Women, Super Masculinity

Movie poster for Man of Steel This guest post by Natalie Wilson previously appeared at the Ms. Magazine Blog and is cross-posted with permission. Amy Adams is amazing as Lois Lane in Man of Steel. Her version of Lois is fearless, witty and wise. Diane Lane and Ayelet Zurer as the respective mothers of Superman […]

The Women of ‘Man of Steel’ and the Toxicity of Hyper-Masculinity

Man of Steel

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in Man of Steel   Written by Megan Kearns. I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman. Sure I grew up watching and liking the Christopher Reeve films. And I sure as fuck am NOT a fan of Zack Snyder and his frequent faux female empowerment, despite his protestations to […]