Michael Clayton

Best Picture Nominee Review Series: 2008 Roundup

Juno reviewed by Amber Leab It’s easy to want to live in a world like this, where a pregnant sixteen-year-old seems to get by pretty well, with her parents’ support and a relationship with her baby’s adoptive family. She has a sweet teenage love affair and doesn’t seem to struggle much. While teen angst is […]

Best Picture Nominee Review Series: Michael Clayton

Best Picture nominee Michael Clayton (2007) This is a guest post from Robin Hitchcock. Michael Clayton seems like an unlikely Best Picture nominee: a legal thriller that I would have sworn was adapted from an airport novel if I didn’t know that it was nominated for Best Original Screenplay.  Can’t you see yourself reading this […]

Oscar Acceptance Speeches, 2008

Leading up to the 2011 Oscars, we’ll showcase the past twenty years of Oscar Acceptance Speeches by Best Actress winners and Best Supporting Actress winners. (Note: In most cases, you’ll have to click through to YouTube in order to watch the speeches, as embedding has been disabled at the request of copyright owners.) Best Actress […]