Masculinity: The Roundup

Shaun and Ed, Shaun of the Dead

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‘Outlander’ and A Modern Man

It’s hard to look so good while wearing a skirt, let’s be honest.

“What is her power over you?” Randall chides Jamie during his psychological torture. As manly as Jamie likens to be, he long ago surrendered himself to Claire’s power over him. In his deteriorated state, only a woman can heal this broken man. While Jamie’s brokenness is wholly justifiable, his extremist way of thinking shows his ideas of masculinity will need to continue to evolve if he wants to fully regain his soul.

The Complex Masculinity of ‘Outlander’s Jamie Fraser

And he can wear the heck out of a kilt, ya ken?

It’s a surprising twist on the trope. Jamie is undoubtedly a force of man to be reckoned with, though the fact that he is a virgin and thus relatively inexperienced in terms of sex when he encounters Claire – the older, more experienced woman – attributes some unexpected “feminine” qualities to his character.