School of Rock

Obsessed with Boyhood: The Latent Misogyny Running Rampant in Richard Linklater’s Films


On the surface, a lot of his female characters reflect strong ideals. … But take a deeper look and Linklater’s female characters tell another story: one of a creator deeply obsessed with ignorant male stereotypes and the women that encourage them. … Looking back through his films, they all contain this running theme of underdeveloped man-children who are routinely validated in their anti-woman approach.

School of Rock: Where Shrewish Women are "The Man"

Written by Robin Hitchcock Jack Black in School of Rock The first decade of this millennium was a pretty good time for American culture, all in all, George W. Bush notwithstanding.  YouTube was invented, the pound symbol was saved from oblivion by hashtags, and Tina Fey got famous. But the early-to-mid aughts also brought something really unpleasant […]