Sleeping Beauty

Sex, Silver Service, and Fairy Tales: ‘Sleeping Beauty’

Poster for Sleeping Beauty

In her debut feature, 2011’s ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ director Julia Leigh examines consent, voyeurism, and passivity through the character of Lucy, a beautiful college student who sleepwalks through life as if it doesn’t involve her. Lucy becomes a literal Sleeping Beauty when she takes a job that involves her being drugged to unconsciousness while men are allowed to do anything they please to her naked body, with the exception of penetration. She exists in an eroticized, dream-like landscape and the film often feels like a painting come to life.

Top 10 Villainesses Who Deserve Their Own Movies

Bad Girls

While villainesses often work at cross-purposes with our heroes and heroines, we love to hate these women. They’re always morally complicated with dark pasts and often powerful and assertive women with an indomitable streak of independence.

You Say Evil Like It’s A Bad Thing


Written by Myrna Waldron. Maleficent appears at King Stefan’s castle Last year I wrote a fairly well-received piece defending the Disney Princesses from a feminist perspective, “You Say Princess Like It’s A Bad Thing.” It was always my plan to write a sequel/companion piece to it. I like Belle and Ariel, but I admit that […]

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks

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Animated Children’s Films: The Evolution of the Disney Villainess

The Wicked Queen This is a guest review by Rebecca Cohen.  I’m not the first to note that the female protagonists of Disney animated features tend not to have mothers. When adult women do appear, they are evil wicked stepmothers, as in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella, or evil sorceresses, as in […]