The Amazing Spider-Man

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’: Rise of Electrozzzzzzzz

Spider-man insists: "No Spoilers!"

‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro’ is one of those rare movies to opt for a soft open abroad before its US release, so I got to see it a week before y’all. Yay for me, I guess? I won’t spoil anything for you, unless you consider “it’s not very good” to be a spoiler.

Three Reasons to Like Gwen Stacy

I have now seen The Redundant Amazing Spider-Man twice in theaters – the first time with friends, and the second time with my brothers when it was a rainy day and we didn’t have time to see The Dark Knight Rises. I liked the film more than the previous Spider-Man movies, largely because of Andrew […]