The Foxy Merkins

Fatphobia and Fat Positivity: The Roundup


Fat, Black, and Desirable: Fat Positivity and Black Women by Chantell Monique If these women aren’t seeing any positive images of themselves on screen, how are they able to construct an identity of truth? Even though they can rely on their community for positivity, if it’s not reinforced through media representation then it renders that […]

‘The Foxy Merkins’ and the Uncharted Territory of the Fat, Lesbian Protagonist

Jo and Margaret at work. “A lot of the girls hang out in front of Talbots.”

That separation is reinforced by much of the film’s comedy, but Margaret isn’t positioned as an object of ridicule or disgust, as is often the case with fat and/or gender non-conforming characters. She is naive, gauche, and in over her head, but she is also the character with whom the audience empathizes most.