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Great Kate: A Woman for All Ages

Kate: self-conscious beauty

Most of the nine films Kate and Spence did together feature battle-of-the-sex plots which, at certain points, blurred or even reversed the roles women and men typically played in marital or committed relationships. These plots suited Kate’s life-long image of herself as inhabiting both female and male traits, particularly in the wake of her older brother’s tragic death.

2013 Golden Globes Week: ‘The Newsroom’: Misogyny 2.0

I am a great man. Written by Leigh Kolb During the first episode of HBO’s The Newsroom, news anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) delivers a rousing monologue about why America is not the “greatest country in the world.” He renders the crowd of college students speechless as he lashes out at the “sorority girl” who asked the question, bashing America’s current […]

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks

Stephanie‘s Picks: Comic-Con 2012: Sexism in Hollywood: How Far Have We Come? by Lucas Shaw via The Wrap Will Catwoman Be a Breakout Feminist Character? by Melissa Silverstein via Women and Hollywood “Nice Guys” Contribute to Rape Culture by Ben Atherton-Zeman via Ms. Magazine Women in Film by the Numbers via Reel Grrls (from Pinterest) […]