The Tudors

#Filmherstory: Six Royals Objectively Cooler Than Another Bloody Henry 8th

Oh, not ANOTHER one

In honor of Henry’s wives and the #filmherstory campaign, here are six Royal women overdue the Hollywood treatment. To help with your visualizing, I’ll even toss in a pitch, director, and star.

Unlikable Women: The Roundup

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Anne Boleyn: Queen Bee of ‘The Tudors’

A son will come out tomorrow.

Anne Boleyn was considered by many contemporaries to be the very living, breathing definition of an unlikable woman. And perhaps “unlikable” is too soft a term here – at points in the 16th century, following her execution on trumped up charges of adultery and treason, Anne was so widely reviled that very few of her own words, actions, or even accurate portraits remain today, thanks to Henry’s redoubtable efforts to wipe her off the record completely.