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Unpopular Opinions in Film: A Critical Re-Examination of ‘Twilight’


My intent is not to claim that ‘Twilight’ is a perfect movie, but rather, I want to argue that it has more virtues than it is given credit for, and to point out that its dismissal is frequently based on pervasive sexist attitudes. I am not speaking for the other films in the series — all directed by men — but rather, the first film, which was written and directed by women (Melissa Rosenberg and Catherine Hardwicke, respectively), based on a novel written by a woman. There are many valid reasons why one may not enjoy ‘Twilight,’ but it is important to recognize that it is unfair and sexist to dismiss the film and its fans based on the fact that it is a romance told from a female perspective.

Indigenous Women Week: The Roundup


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‘The Host’: Less Anti-Feminist Than ‘Twilight’, but Hardly a Sisterhood Manifesta

The Host posters This guest post by Dr. Natalie Wilson is cross-posted with permission from Ms. Magazine. I readily admit I did not read The Host. I couldn’t face it after immersing myself in all things Twilight while researching my book Seduced by Twilight. I started it, but less than 20 pages in I couldn’t stomach any […]

Tanya Erzen’s ‘Fanpire’ Blog Tour: Fans of the Twilight Saga

  This guest post by Tanya Erzen is part of a blog tour to promote the release of her newest book, Fanpire: The Twilight Saga and the Women Who Love It, which you can purchase at the Beacon Press website. Other blogs participating in the tour include Women and Hollywood, Feminism and Religion, Fangtastic Books, […]

Guest Writer Wednesday: Going Broke Chasing Boys: Why Disney Ditched Princesses and Spent $300 Million on ‘John Carter’

This is a guest post from Scott Mendelson. Originally published at Mendelson’s Memos. If you’ve seen the trailer for the upcoming John Carter, you know that not only does it not look like it cost $300 million, but it so painfully feels like a Mad Libs male-driven fantasy blockbuster that it borders on parody. It’s […]

Guest Writer Wednesday: Fairy Tales and Female Sexuality

This guest post by Sarah Seltzer originally appeared at RH Reality Check.  Don’t go out into the woods. Beware ugly older women bearing strange gifts. Only a princely kiss can resurrect you. The anti-feminist messages in fairy tales, both in their classic forms from the tales of Grimm, Anderson and Perrault, and their sanitized Disneyfied […]

Sunday Recap

It was a short week due to the holiday, but here’s a recap of last week’s posts. Don’t miss the Animated Children’s Films series, which begins tomorrow (Monday)! Fire: Part One of Deepa Mehta’s Elements Trilogy  The controversy surrounding the film may have superseded the film itself–which is beautifully shot, heartbreaking, and even darkly comedic […]

YouTube Break: The Twilight Saga: An Interview with Dr. Natalie Wilson

Breaking Dawn, Part 1 opened in theaters last Friday, November 18th. I mainly know this because my sister, a self-professed “Twi-Hard” talked about it nonstop for about two weeks. She also went to the midnight showing. I’ve seen all the previous films in the series and wrote about New Moon awhile ago, and I’m well […]

Bitch Flicks’ Weekly Picks

Film Corner! Review of Delhi Belly from Shakesville  The Hermione Granger Series: Feminist Criticism of Feminist Criticism from The Funny Feminist Stop With the Twi-Hate Already (Thoughts on Comic-Con and Twilight Boycotting) from Seduced By TwilightGirls on Film: Comic Con’s Push for Geeks, Heroines, and Women-Driven Discussion from Arranged: Life in Left Field from Dancing […]

Movie Review: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Starring Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson, and Billy Burke. Written by Melissa Rosenberg (screenplay) and Stephenie Meyer (novel). Directed by Chris Weitz. Critics have rightly argued that Twilight gives off a certain metaphor for teen abstinence vibe. Edward desires Bella so much that he refuses to let himself lose […]