Leigh Kolb

Blindness, Race, and Love in ‘A Patch of Blue’

Fifty years later, portraying disability on screen with empathy and respect is still rare. Showing an interracial couple is also extremely rare (Green says that some people sent terrible letters to him about the kissing scene; in fact, it’s reported that in some areas in the south the scene was edited out for theaters).

‘A Patch of Blue’ manages to weave together themes of disability, race, socioeconomic issues and family dynamics with beauty and grace.

‘Sons of Anarchy’: Female Violence, Feminist Care


At the end of season 6, Gemma violently clashes the spheres of power. She’s in the kitchen. She’s using an iron, and a carving fork. Using tools of the feminine sphere, she brutally murders Tara, because she fears that Tara is about to take control and dismantle the club—the life, the style of mothering and living—that she brought home with her so many years ago.

‘The To Do List’: The Movie I’ve Been Waiting For

And then I saw it–a film that extols the importance of female agency and sexuality with a healthy dose of raunch, a film that includes a sexually experienced and supportive mother, a film that celebrates female friendship and quotes Gloria Steinem, a film that features Green Apple Pucker and multiple references to Pearl Jam and Hillary Clinton.
Yes. This is it.

‘Je suis FEMEN’ (‘I am FEMEN’): The Story of Oksana Shachko and a Movement


While they disrupt a game, we see footage of the cheerleaders and female entertainers dancing and performing for male audiences. There were numerous charges filed against the Femen activists after Euro 2012. The scantily clad women that were in those spaces specifically for the male gaze, however, were welcomed.

‘Advantageous’: The Future is Now

Jacqueline Kim co-wrote the screenplay for Advantageous and also stars as its lead, Gwen Koh.

“Are women really going backwards going forward?”

‘Sex(ed)’: How America Learned About Sex


The footage could be overwhelming (Goodman analyzed 500 films), but she presents it all in a way that leaves the viewer satisfied but wanting more information–just like a good documentary should.

‘The Killing’ and the Misogyny of Hating Bad Mothers

Vilifying mothers is a national pastime. Absent mothers, celebrity mothers, helicopter mothers, working mothers, stay-at-home mothers, mothers with too many children, mothers with too few children, women who don’t want to be or can’t be mothers–for women, there’s no clear way to do it right.

‘Tales of the Grim Sleeper’ and ‘The Central Park Five’ Show Whose Lives Matter

Pam Brooks guides filmmaker Nick Broomfield around her LA neighborhood in Tales of the Grim Sleeper.

These same voices weren’t heard or listened to in the various investigations conducted by the LAPD in the 1980s. The film tells the story of Enietra Washington, Franklin’s only known survivor. In 1988, after Franklin picked her up and attempted to kill her, she gave the police a description of Franklin’s car (an orange Pinto) and described his face to a sketch artist.

True Beauty in ‘A Day in Eden’


This moment, of course, is true beauty. They are vulnerable with one another, and that erases the walls that we constantly build up between generations, religions, and genders.

‘House of Cards’ Season 3: There’s Only One Seat in the Oval Office

Walking side by side in this season 3 promo still.

“I’ve been in the passenger seat for decades. It’s time for me to get behind the wheel.”

Ruthless, Pragmatic Feminism in ‘House of Cards’


Claire is a horrible human being for many, many reasons–but her abortions aren’t included in those reasons. The show makes that clear.

The Complex, Unlikable Women of ‘House of Cards’

Daddy Issues, Menopause and Female Power

These women are complex, if not likable, and that’s a good thing.