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Call For Writers: Depictions of Trans Women


Representations of trans women still remain few and far between in film and on television. Representations of trans women performed by actual trans women are even more rare. (‘Orange is the New Black’ and ‘Sense8’ are the most recent, popular exceptions to that rule, and, interestingly, both are series productions created by Netflix.)

Demon/Spirit Possession: The Roundup

Rosemary Wears Mask

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‘Twin Peaks’ Mysticism Won’t Save You From the Patriarchy


I do believe that Lynch and Frost meant to use BOB as “the evil that men do” and as a means to understand family violence and abuse, but they jump around the issue so much that it only reflects uncertainty. The show’s inability to hold evil men responsible for their actions is too reminiscent of our own society. As soon as we answer “Who Killed Laura Palmer?” the show does its best to rebury the ugly truth that we so struggled to uncover. After that it fully commits to understanding the mythos behind it. This is troubling to me.

Call For Writers: Demon/Spirit Possession

Halloween is upon us, so it’s time to contemplate the prolific theme of demon/spirit possession in film and on TV. Why is this such a prevalent theme? In many ways, possession explains evil as something separate from ourselves, something that infects us, which dichotomizes good and evil.

Portrait of the Dead Girl: Victim, Saint, and Enigma of the Crime Narrative

Laura Palmer’s homecoming portrait is a central image of the series

More often than not, the victim of violent crime in film and TV is a woman. With your average procedural, almost every episode features a woman who has been raped or one who has been raped and murdered. In real life, women are disproportionately the victims of violent crimes and these stories increase awareness of the physical and psychological aftermath faced by these women, their friends and family and society.
However, by positioning a narrative to begin with the victim already dead and voiceless, she is only that, a victim in the story, never allowed to become a person.

Sunday Recap

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Guest Writer Wednesday: A Review in Conversation of Twin Peaks

Welcome to Twin Peaks. This is a guest post by Cynthia Arrieu-King and Stephanie Cawley. Cynthia’s take:  Why do I like Twin Peaks? I remember dialing through Netflix Streaming back in May of this year as a way of breaking up the cooking of several chopping-intensive dishes. The show was totally unappealing to me when […]